2024 CLA Walking Challenge

To start the challenge
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Days to complete it
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A little more info

Welcome to our the 2024 CLA Walking Challenge!  Join members of the legal community as we embark on our forth annual, virtual, free, 6-week team walking challenge.  

This year we are introducing three tiers of intended participation to engage folks of a variety of activity levels.  Opt in to the "standard" tier for a goal of 5,000 steps 6 days per week, "medium" tier for a goal of 7,500 steps 6 days per week, and the "high" tier for a goal of 10,000+ steps 6 days per week.  

Don't forget to include your participation tier at the end of your team name to find like-intentioned challenge participants to join your team!  Ex: "CLA Team (Medium)"  

This years' route will take us across the globe! The winning team will be determined by which team walked the farthest when the challenge concludes on July 29th, 2024. 

Welcome to our Big Team Challenge!

Helpful hints

Wanting to use the app on your phone?

  • Step 1 Download the iPhone or Android app on your phone.

  • Step 2 On the first screen input "calawyers" when it asks for your challenge website address

  • Step 3 Sign in with the same e-mail address you registered with online, or create a new account if you don't already have one.

  • Step 4 Enjoy the challenge!